Lady Louise

Lady Louise was intelligent, stubborn, fun-loving and a sweet soul. She loved attention from friends, family and strangers alike, and everyone commented on how beautiful she was, or how friendly and sweet. She knew how to make people smile. She loved to swim in rivers and hike any trail. She loved to chew on sticks and she loved food more than anything. She grew old gracefully, and passed away peacefully on her bed at home with her little brother Maximus near by.
She was an extremely high energy dog when I adopted her from the Humane Society at about 2 years old. She had been allowed to breed, but no one knew what happened to the puppies or how she got there. As a first time dog mom, I knew I needed to be more for her, so I read training books, watched videos, and went to a professional trainer. I made sure she got long walks every day.
I spent many years thinking that Lady couldn’t get along with other dogs. I had done something wrong on leash early on and she got the idea that she was supposed to protect me. This wasn’t her fault, it was mine. Then I tried a prong collar at the suggestion of a trainer. Terrible idea, and one I regret to this day. It took a lot of time to re-establish a close, positive relationship with her after that. Luckily, we re-formed our bond with POSITIVE reinforcement training, and never looked back. The last few years of her life were some of the happiest, because my husband gently encouraged her and guided her behavior at the dog park, and she found her social life again and had a ball!
Lady Louise taught me everything there is to know about dogs. Some of which I will share anywhere I can:
1.It’s true there are no bad dogs, only ignorant owners. I was one of them, so I say to every dog owner, educate yourself on what a dog needs.
2. All dogs need exercise, and regular exercise will take care of most difficult behaviors
3. Your dog IS your best friend, if you’ll let her be
Lady Louise was my best friend and she was family. She will always be missed, and I will always be thankful to her for all she taught me.

A donation was made in Lady Louise's memory and the memorial was created on December 11, 2017.

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