The story begins 13 years ago when we lived in Utah and I found this little puppy running around in the wild with a pack of dogs. I got the pup to come to me and he was just too cute not to take home. I took him home against my husbands will but he as soon as he saw him he fell in love. 🙂 He was so little that he couldn’t even climb up the stairs. He had little floppy ears and a long curly tail. He was the cutest boy ever. He was our fur baby for 5 years before our children were born. He was so gentle and protective over them. We never had to fear that he would hurt them in anyway. He even would bark at us if we rough housed with them too much. We eventually made the move to Oregon and he was so easy going about the change. He was just happy to be with his family. When we took him for a walk we never had to have him on leash and he would stay right by us at all times. The kids in our neighborhood loved him and he was so gentle with them. One thing he didn’t like was the UPS truck. Every time he heard the truck drive by he would bark. Even if he was inside. What a silly boy. He never really liked to fetch a ball but in his younger years he loved to fetch a stick. One Christmas we bought him a stuffed toy with a squeaker in it, within five min he had chewed a whole in it, pulled out all the stuffing and found the squeaker. Haha Last year we got a new pup and he wasn’t too fond of her. I think it was all the energy she had and this old man didn’t have time for her. He took her under his paws and should her and taught her how to be a good dog. She was basically Kona trained for 18 months. At the end of his life he slowed down and didn’t really want to do much. When we would all go outside to play he would get the strength to go outside with us to keep an eye on his family. He had been slowing down for a couple of weeks before we took him in to the vet. That day we took him in was the last day we got to be a family. We will forever miss him and there will always be a hole in our hearts. We will miss him barking, whining and wagging his tail when we would come home only if were gone five min. We will miss him begging for food as we ate our meals. We will miss his stinky dog breath in the car when we took the kids to school. We will miss him being so loyal and loving to us. Life won’t be the same without him. We were the lucky ones to have had him in our lives for 13 yrs. Love and miss you buddy.

A donation was made in Kona's memory and the memorial was created on January 19, 2018.

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