Kahtahra was a sweet gentle soul, our princess and our loyal cheerleader that loved everyone she saw. We had to say goodbye to her right before her 13th birthday. She was exactly 2 years and 6 days younger than her human sister and she never got over the fact that her older sister wasn’t her baby but a grown up teenager. She loved her daily walks around the park with her older brother and his friends. She never dug holes or tried to sneak off, but she did hate to be alone. We once boarded her with our vet overnight and they asked us never to board her alone again. Apparently she howled the whole time. She was actually bitten by other dogs three times and did nothing to defend herself. That is how sweet she was. She was always a big goofball and loved to play and carry a ball or baby (stuffed animal) with her when she was younger. She will always be in our hearts. Our sweet angel we will miss her. ♥️

A donation was made in Kahtahra's memory and the memorial was created on April 20, 2020.

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Messages From Friends and Family

The funny story I remember was I had gone to Tahra's home to visit with my mom, great-grandmother. My daughter and I had to make a run to the store. We left grandma home alone with Tahra. My mother wanted to go in the kitchen. Tahra was laying in front of the entrance and grandma decided to step over the big pet. Halfway over Tahra decides to stand up. Grandma is not stable on her feet. Down she goes, Tahra was so upset she stands over grandma and licks her face. Grandma is struggling to push this big ball of fur off her. She finally manages to get back on the couch. What she didn't know was Tahra was trained to move out of the way if you were to say Excuse me please!

~Memory shared by Linda.