Juniper was a beautiful tiny red Pomeranian rescue. We couldn’t go anywhere with her without people wanting to touch her, hold her, take pictures of her, and some even offered to buy her. She was like a tiny lady bug. We kind of called her “bug or Junie.”
If you wanted to hold her or put her in a harness to take her for a walk or ride, she would come to you and turn her little body around and back up to you, which was so sweet and enduring. I really miss that!
She rode in my bicycle basket every time we went bike riding or any sling around my body. She loved to go camping in our 1962 vintage Shasta trailer and loved sitting on my bed pillow, looking out the windows at the ocean.
At home she slept between my husband & my heads on her own special pillow every single night. We had her cremated, and her remains are in a beautiful little tiny cedar box, which sits on the shelf right above our headboard, where she would have slept below on her pillow.
We got her when she was only 11 months old and had been through 3 rescues. Why anybody would want to give up this precious little angel is beyond us.
When she was 10 1/2 years old she suddenly took a turn for the worst on November 30, 2022 and started wheezing and not being able to breathe which led us to find out she had a very enlarged heart and her trachea collapsed. We were in utter shock because we kept up on her annual examinations, labs, and she was fed the most highest premium organic dog food we could buy . There was 0 hope so we had to put her down. I don’t think either of us, nor our family or existing rescue Lhasa Opso will ever get over the loss of her.

A donation was made in Juniper's memory and the memorial was created on December 28, 2022.

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