Our sassy and chatty little snuggle bug we miss you so much.

Juju was adopted when she was four years old by a girl that had always wanted a cat, and had finally found the right time. It wasn’t really the right time for her, but it was the right time for Juju because she needed a home. Juju hid under the bed for the first month that I had brought her home, and it wasn’t until I started whistling songs that she finally came out to see me. Juju was an adventurous and curious little kitty underneath all that anxiety. She loved to sneak around the house, catch mice and lay on the sun porch. Our next chapter in life is when she met my husband, Evan. They had an instant bond and she loved laying in his lap. When Evan and I decided to move across across the country, we knew she had to come with us. We bought a big crate, packed up my little car and the three of us drove across the country in 3 days.

Juju was there for us through all the ups and downs that came with living in a new city. She enjoyed the simple things in life, like laying on fresh newspaper flyers, lounging in front of the A/C, and investigating empty boxes. She really came out of her shell and loved greeting new guests and getting pats. She let me put her in cute little Christmas sweaters and loved laying under the Christmas tree every year. Her favorite treats were anything with chicken and turkey. If you had a turkey sandwich around she was going to hunt it down and beg for a bite. She was the best coworker to Evan, and would even try to send out emails for him when he was away from his desk. She was our best friend and we’re so grateful for the time we had together.

A donation was made in Juju's memory and the memorial was created on March 22, 2023.

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