Jessie was an entertaining, complex cat – who loved routine and play, and gradually became more cuddly and sweet as she got older. She was quite a talker with a sing-song voice and a million inflections, trying to carry on conversations and looking as though she would someday comprehend human language. She loved lounging in the sunshine or on top of any source of heat, and believed her best-present-ever was a fleece covered electric heating pad. She thought that every package delivered to the house was for her, climbing on top of the boxes while they were being opened, then trying to climb inside the box before we could remove the contents. She enjoyed playing hide-and-seek, shredding paper, chasing tiny mice and big feather toys, and attacking wrinkles in the sheets as you made a bed. By far, her favorite game was playing with her thick cotton rope under and around newspapers. When she ran, she looked like a racoon and had a boop-y-doop-y-doop gait. When she was happy and purring, she drooled. She preferred to drink water out of faucet, particularly in the bath tub. Jessie was very sensitive to scents and would turn slightly kooky at the smell of catnip, wintergreen life savers, bengay, bleach, toothpaste, listerine, carpet cleaner, rubber hoses and tires, and new Tom’s shoes. Jessie was especially enamored with the smell of strawberries and would obsessively rub her cheeks on strawberry containers. She loved watching birds from the windows and going outside (so good about wearing her harness and leash!). Jessie had a daily routine and stuck to it – urging us to action when certain activities were supposed to happen. Jessie was a gorgeous gray tabby with symmetrical markings, an apricot-colored belly, a small touch of white under her chin, whiskers that transitioned from black at the root to white at the tips, and big sturdy paws. Without fail, Jessie would come down the stairs to say hello when you walked in the front door, whether you had been gone an hour or a week. Jessie was an awesome cat – providing us with a reason to smile every day.

Jessie was adopted at the age of four months – capturing our attention at the humane society as she sat quietly in a cardboard box in the kitten room. She was a healthy, robust cat; curious, but not entirely brave. We thought she would live to be a chatty, grand old cat. Heartbreakingly, she died of lymphoma in her abdomen a few months before she turned 14.

A donation was made in Jessie's memory and the memorial was created on December 16, 2017.

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