Jesse was the first pet I had from birth to death. We picked him for our 10 year old Daughter because he had a black birthmark on his left shoulder which hit said “pick me.” Early on Jesse taught us the finer points of relaxation as he was always good to take a nap or relax on the couch when we watched TV. On the same note you could count on him to rallye for a 5 mile hike and a swim after sticks in the creek.
One day when he was a puppy my wife jokingly made a voice with a lisp and recited what she thought he might say after chasing another dog at the park. My daughter took this and ran with it giving him a whole character based off the voice inflection and his personality it fit so well we had a blast with it over the years. Jesse also would smile and show his teeth if he was ashamed or happy. We called it his “snarl” which looked violent but was anything but.
Jesse had a small issue with eating which is to say you had to pull most food away if you were to leave him alone. On more than one occasion he ate a 2-pound bag of chocolate chips, entire cubes of butter and whole loaves of bread. Strangely he rarely ever got sick from it.
His eating habits may have caught up to him in the end as he developed an aggressive cancer which finally overtook him. My daughter now an adult spent a good deal growing up with this prince to help her love for animals which has grown to working in the veteranairy field. We still speak in his lisp jokingly in order to remember him and the joy he brought family. Thanks for the opportunity to share a little of what he meant to us.

A donation was made in Jesse's memory and the memorial was created on January 14, 2018.

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