Jenny Ann

Jenny Ann was about 8 or 9 years old when I got her, her owner at the time was an elderly lady who’s health was not good and going down hill fast. She wanted to find a home for Jenny while she could still make the choice. I had interviews. Home visits both to where Jenny was living and to my home. This was very hard on Jenny’s mom and I told her I understood and when she was ready she knew Jenny had a good home to go to. It took about 3 months for me to get the call and when Jenny was delivered to my home she had 3 large bags of toys, blankets, beds and other items. I still laugh when I remember her mom realized she had forgotten Jenny’s umbrella. I asked about that and she told me when it was raining she would stand out in the rain and hold the umbrella over Jenny. I told her mom I would give Jenny a wonderful loving home but I was not going to stand out in the rain holding the umbrella, thank goodness she was ok with that. Jenny moved in that day and everything was just fine. I would take her for visits to her old owner until she was put in a care center. Jenny was very overweight as she
ate what her mom did so it took some time and dental work but we got her in good shape and feeling much butter. Shortly after I got Jenny she started having seizures and we think she had them before but her other owner didn’t understand what was going on. Jenny was put on phenobarbital and did fine. Jenny was about 16 when she passed and is missed very much.

A donation was made in Jenny Ann's memory and the memorial was created on September 5, 2018.

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