IdaMae was the epitome of our perfect dog. She came to us when we were undergraduates at OSU over 15 years ago. We had just met in our Pre-Veterinary classes, both sure we were destined to be veterinarians. We stumbled upon this sweet black and brown mixed breed dog and pulled together $50 to get her, ignoring our families concerns that we were crazy to get a dog together after just meeting. She spent the next 2 years sharing time between my now husband and I and going everywhere with us. Her favorite things to do in those early years were long distant fetches in the Willamette River, ocean trips, and walks downtown at the farmers market. The following 13 years found us married, living in Tennessee, me a Veterinarian and my husband a Orhthopedic Physicians Assistant, one child during vet school, one child after moving back to the West Coast. And this IdaMae girl with us each and every step of the way. Our hiking partner, proud big sister each time we brought a baby home, my evening walk partner after a stressful day in vet school or in practice. My husbands shadow, my children’s pillow, my confidant. I didn’t even realize how much she pulled us through in this life. She was with us basically from the moment we met. When Ida was 13 we purchased what we hope to be our forever farm. Suffering from terrible arthritis and mobility issues, we just hoped she would make it to witness the sunsets there with us. She did make it to our farm, and spent her last two years there with us. She kept the barn cats in line, helped welcome the baby goats, and though we have a creek, instead of swimming in it, she was content in her old age to sit by it and watch over the kids. We planted a willow tree in her memory, by the creek, in full view of our gorgeous Eastern Washington sunsets. We said goodbye to her one evening at sunset, in our yard, with wildflowers and treats and a million hugs. Months later we are still grieving her, and a part of us will always be missing. She was our girl, the one who helped us through so many of life’s changes and challenges. I hope we gave her even a fraction of the love and loyalty and joy she gave us. Run Free IdaMae. We love you forever.

We are so very honored that our fellow vet friend gave Ida this opportunity to give back to a future vet. She helped me through vet school when she was here on Earth. I hope her memory can now help others through their studies, and she will go on forever to help future beloved pets. Dogs really are the best part of us.

A donation was made in Ida's memory and the memorial was created on October 6, 2020.

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