The Donation for Hunters Memorial was a gift from Dr Greg Proctor and the staff at South Valley Animal Hospital They are awesome people and truly cared for Hunter his entire life. Hunter was my favorite Hello and my Hardest goodbye, When I first found Hunter, I whispered in his ear you have to live forever because I don’t think I can do this again. Over the years when I would think about life without him, I would say again, you gotta live forever okay? My Mind and body still wants to take him for a walk in the mornings and evenings and I finally had to move his leash by the door because he’s no longer here. He could be trusted with anything, children, food and he never made messes or chewed anything up that wasn’t His. He loved all people and animals. If all people and animals were as kind hearted as Hunter it would be a very special world. Hunter was with me through the good and bad times and saved me once from a certain mugging/robbery. Hunter trusted me right up to the end. When I told Hunter that he didn’t have to live forever and it’s okay to go he seemed to relax in my arms. I felt the life leave his body and Hunter forever took a piece of us with him. The thing about dog’s no one ever tells you that there is a price to pay for being the recipient of 9 years of unconditional love, loyalty and companionship, they take a huge chunk of your heart with them when they go, but some things are worth getting your heart broken for. Hunter was beyond worth it.

It took a dog like you to make me a better person. RIP Hunter, my friend. Thank you for 9 years of sheer joy and affection.
You were my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye

A donation was made in Hunter's memory and the memorial was created on April 29, 2019.

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