Our beloved, amazing Harley.
Let me tell you about an extraordinary, amazing puppy dog named Harley. No man has ever known a greater friend. Harley was an Australian Shepherd Border Collie. He epitomized the best of each breed. The love and loyalty of the Aussie and the brilliance and intensity of the Border Collie. Harley had a beautiful mind. Wow what a mind! As far as learning, there was nearly nothing he could not learn or figure out if he thought that’s what we wanted from him. The size of his vocabulary of words, phrases, hand signals, and touches was incredible. Harley’s preferred place in life was by my side and he rarely left it. Harley had extreme confidence, strength, and courage. He also had a playful, jovial side. Although he was not perfect, he was perfect to us. Mere words cannot capture the essence of this amazing soul.
Over the last 3 ½ years of Harley’s life he was battling a very rare, debilitating condition. When we learned he should not be able to walk, he walked 5 miles per day. When we learned he had a year to live, he lived 3 more years. Harley had such strength, courage, will, love, and joy for life. He did not let his condition define him. A few months before he passed, he lost his hearing. In true Harley defiance he did not allow this to alter his life. He merely learned more hand signals and added specific touches to his extensive vocabulary. Literally up to his last hours, at age 13, in a distressed condition, he was still learning new hand signals to aid in his own care. Harley lived and died with great dignity and purpose. His passing is devastating. He is sorely missed. Yet Harley’s life is to be celebrated for he was a precious gift. The world is far better for Harley having lived in it.

A donation was made in Harley's memory and the memorial was created on February 2, 2018.

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