Gozer and his sister, Trixie were abandoned outside of a NE Portland grocery store where I worked, at the age of 8 weeks. They were filthy, flea-ridden, and covered in their own waste in a shabby plastic pet carrier. My girlfriend and I already had four cats, so I spent the last 30 minutes of my shift attempting to contact shelters to pick them up, to no avail. Lucky for me, I took them home on my bike, got them cleaned up, and they became the newest members of the cat-brood for over 15 years.
As our older cats passed away over the years, Gozer and Trixie remained through new apartments, partners, and life events. All of my cats were unique, loving personalities, and even though Gozer and Trixie imprinted me as their dad, I think they learned a lot about joy and affection from their wonderful uncles and mentors; Zippo, Thlayli(Faders), Grendel, and Pip.
Gozer was my boy; he loved to cuddle, and moreover he loved to lay on my chest with his forelegs on either side of my neck, mashing his drooling face into mine and purring loudly. He would affectionately press his face into my nose so hard I sometimes thought it would break. He loved laser-time, chasing frilly wands, and played like a kitten even into old age. Gozer didn’t meow so much as grunt, and he had a massive, lion-like nose that loved kisses. He loved food and naps, he loved licking my beard and the rare and forbidden flavor of human earwax. He was sweet, affectionate, goofy, and my best friend for over a third of my 46 year life. He was very handsome, and always a hit with the vets and techs. As his health waned in his last year, I made the painful but responsible decision to say goodbye, and we did so on a late November afternoon. He left warm and happy, belly full of treats and heart full of love, at home with his sister nearby and him on my lap, purring his last breathe before falling into the mystery beyond this perception.
I will never forget him, and he remains one of the great loves and joys in my life. He is survived by his equally wonderful & unique sister, Trixie, with whom he shares their striking blue eyes despite their coat variance.
“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.” -Watership Down, by Richard Adams.

A donation was made in Gozer's memory and the memorial was created on January 9, 2023.

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