Gordon was my 19 year old feline companion through many phases of my life. He was a constant companion, gentle, and super incessant on keeping his schedule (he liked to wake you at 5 AM if his food bowl was empty). He loved to cuddle on my head when settling to sleep for the night or sleep on my stomach right on top of a book. He would head butt my hand to be pet and then bite it when he was finished. His death was preceded by his feline brother, Rambo, and canine brother, Cosmo. Those two cats could destroy a houseplant in 1 min and keep 3 dogs in line. He and Rambo were a matched set until Rambo’s passing in 2013. In his much younger years, Gordon loved to sit amongst the trio of animals (Rambo, Cosmo, and himself) to get small amounts of deli meat and jump from barstool to barstool for pats on his haunch. He tolerated Cosmo and helped train our other 2 dogs, Chloe and Bella. Bella and Gordon had a special relationship in that Bella loved Gordon with her whole 90 lb body while Gordon tolerated her with his 10 lb body. At times, Gordon would play with Bella and make her whole day. His final days consisted of him sleeping in his bed and eating some of his food. His sweet little body gave out, and he let us know it was time. He will be remembered for his gentle soul and determined spirit. In my mind, he is cuddling with Rambo in the squishy grey recliner with Cosmo at their feet and he has never ending food bowl.

A donation was made in Gordon's memory and the memorial was created on July 16, 2018.

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