Our sweet Fuzzy was an exceptional cat. She was so smart, had a great personality, and was respectful to the birds and squirrels that played in our yard. We found Fuzzy when she was around 6 months old, abandoned by some tenants that we had evicted. She was half starved when Steve found her but as he brought her food and water daily, her strength and curiosity grew. Within a couple of weeks she had entered our 5th-Wheel and made herself at home. One fond memory that comes to mind is that Steve would throw a toy mouse from the living room into the kitchen, where there was laminated flooring. Fuzzy would chase that mouse, sliding across the floor, bonking her head into the cabinets, retrieve the mouse and bring it back to Steve. Fuzzy would do this over and over. She also would wrestle with me, allowing me to put my hand over her face. She then would stand up, wrap her front paws around my hand and I would gently shake her head back and forth. It amazed me that she would do that. Over the years other quirky traits would develop. A few that we recall are the following: Lifting her paw for coconut oil. Going outside and walking all the way around the property, ending at the front porch, where she would place herself, posing as if she was queen of the jungle. The way she would ask for a brushing every night, jumping off of the couch, sitting on the rug and staring at Steve until he obliged her. And the way she curled up in Steve’s arms as he sat on the couch at the end of the day. She was particular about her food, rubbed her head on your chin, and stared at the front door if she wanted outside. After 20+ years, we feel the absence of her daily, if not minute by minute. There will be no replacing her.

A donation was made in Fuzzy's memory and the memorial was created on April 27, 2020.

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