Her official name was Fluke E. Tuesday because when my sweet Rhys Michael passed away on Good Friday 2006, I felt a presence at the end of my bed saying, “I’m back and I’m female obviously.” I went to Unity Church in Portland to bury Rhys Michael’s ashes in the ground on Easter Sunday that 2006. One of the kitchen ladies came out and said her neighbor’s cat had kittens. One was obviously female. Because it was calico. As you may know calicos are genetically predetermined to be female 90% of the time. That kitten turned out to be the Only female. The others were all black and male. When they were five days old, I went to see the kittens. The calico, aka Fluke, came to the edge of the bed, patted my leg, looked up and meowed.
Demanding to be picked up, I did & she patted my cheek as if to say, “Hi, I’m yours.” When she was 12 weeks old she came over to meet my cat Marilyn Rose. You see, Marilyn did not like babies. If she did not like this kitten, it wasn’t happening.
Marilyn flipped over the calico, sniffed her butt and they took off running through the apartment. She was In Like Flint. I said “Now that’s a fluke.” (An unexpected fortunate event). As kitten Fluke had a golden heart on her forehead and a little handprint on her butt it looks like somebody had wiped the paint on her upper lip, swatted her bottom and said, “Okay, you’re done.” Everybody loved Fluke. I feel her energy so much. Whoever gets this money, please have a good soft spot for helping kitties who are with senior citizens cuz they mean a great deal to me.

A donation was made in Fluke's memory and the memorial was created on December 20, 2021.

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