I adopted Elsa in 2007 when she was about 1 years old. She was such a playful cat who loved to play fetch and bat around her favorite catnip mouse toy. She was very social and loved talking to everyone.

I remember one time at my parents house she was terrified that the 3 dogs were let inside and to escape them she ran up the chimney and hid up there for an hour or two.

I will always remember how excited she would get about catnip. She’d roll around in it, scratch at it and eat it. Her eyes would widen and she’d become super hyper.

But the older she got the more she slowed down as health issues started to set in. She became deaf quite a few years before her passing. About 3 or 4 years ago she developed kidney disease and was on medication to slow the progression down. Ultimately she worsened as she continuously lost weight, developed multiple UTIs and also developed liver failure. She fought on for 5 months after I found out she was getting worse and we had reached a point that the medication would no longer be useful. I wasn’t ready to euthanize her then and watched her and loved on her until I felt it was the right time.

In the end she weighed less then 4lbs, was struggling to urinate (what did come out had blood in it), was moving slowly and hardly eating.

It broke my heart to have to put her down. I am so grateful she passed at home and on my lap where she was most comfortable. It only took moments but she passed peacefully.

I love you baby girl and I miss immensely.

A donation was made in Elsa's memory and the memorial was created on August 12, 2019.

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