We adopted Eddie, a 7 yo Min Pin, from our neighbors in late 2011, after having gotten to know him through pet-sitting for about a year. It was a great move for Eddie, for a number of reasons…his previous family was vegetarian and we eat meat, they had 2 little girls that Eddie had to compete with for attention, and we promised him five walks, plus, a day, and no crate time. We assembled a chronologically arranged photo/video album (some items lost their date-stamps, so they may seem out of order), that we feel speaks to the joyful relationship and times we all experienced, during our 8 years with Eddie.

I would like to include a memorial statement we shared with Eddie’s extended family, after his departure on 11/9/18.

Eddie was such a joy, and he was still running for breakfast (less frequently) and treats, up until the last few days. Of ways Ed could go, this was the best…the neurological collapse, I believe from being at the end of the line, kidney-disease-wise, really happened in the last 12 hours of his life.

I am updating/restoring the Google album I sent, and now it covers before we adopted the boy, through the end of 2017. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fT4L3mqpcQFEfpYe8

I’ll see you soon. Thanks for digging Ed!

We’ll see you all soon, but it took us quite by surprise, that his neuro-muscular control was zapped over the past few days, but by yesterday morn, we knew it was time. Beth wrote something to share with her family and we put together some fun shots (expanded into an album, though not yet fully edited, fun nonetheless…https://photos.app.goo.gl/fT4L3mqpcQFEfpYe8), that I thought I could share as Eddie’s effort to tell his extended family.

Steve and Beth


Sad day for us here in Portland, we said good-bye to our dear guy, Eddie. He was an amazing being, a great friend, entertainer, and a sage! Guru Ed svanacarya param ananta!

He was diagnosed with kidney disease over two and 1/4 years ago and we were fortunate to have been able to do a decent job keeping him healthy and thriving. This past summer was a bit more labor intensive to keep him going, and he really began to act like an ‘old’ dog. This Fall he really slowed down but there were always things he would act exuberant about in mind & spirit not as much in body! Last night he really seemed to be very lethargic and had not had good food consumption for two days. Today he woke up but was unable to stand on his own and after going to the vet in the early a.m. and running a panel of blood tests it was pretty clear to us what we should do.

We chose to have a vet come to the house. Eddie received a Gabapentin shot in the morning and that kept him comfortable, so we could bring him home and cuddle him up in his own comfortable place. He was curled up in my lap when the vet came to our house and the whole process was peaceful and a good pace. We were given lots of space and time to say good-bye, lots of forehead kisses and words of love to him. Intense and full of love.

We are missing him immensely, there is a huge void for such a small dog (he would bristle at that!). He was BDIALDB~ big dog in a little dogs body…JOTS ~ Johnny on the spot, and full name Eduardo Sanchez Leon! He was a force!

Lots of Love~~

Beth and Steve

A donation was made in Eddie's memory and the memorial was created on November 25, 2019.

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