Rick and I lost Duncan this week. It was sudden, unexpected. One might say at 19 1/2 years old his passing should not be a surprise considering in human years he was 96 years old. But still, although he had several medical issues, none were particularly life threatening with the proper medication and care. He just had come back from the vet for his weekly fluids, weight was good, looking great and two days later he was gone. I wanted to write something at the time but truthfully the heartbreak has been so painful and his life was so amazing I simply could not find the words to honor him appropriately so very special was our Duncan. What I will say is I have never met a cat who for his entire life never hissed at anyone, never scratched anyone, always purred, always enjoyed being held, being combed, loved by family , friend and stranger, was loved by all of our animals (which in a household of many is not always easy for cats), was adored by the vet techs who weekly for 3 years provided him with fluids so he could enjoy a continued happy life, and allowed me to give him medications everyday as he sat there quietly making my life so much easier. He has filled a huge part of our lives. Imagine what you were doing 20 years ago and the things that have happened in your life. That’s how big a part of our life he has been. It is huge, and he filled every minute of that with love and affection. In his very last years, he slept most of the day on the sofa in a warm blanket next to my place on that sofa. He earned that right to just sleep. He was contented and his life was good – and our lives were blessed. Just having him there, next to me was the most comforting thing I could ever imagine. That spot is empty now and it’s unbearable. And for our sweet Maddie who is left behind — so afraid of everything but found love and comfort staying by his side since the day we brought her home 14 years ago. For him, I pray he is happy and enjoying the company of our dog Angel whom he loved dearly and missed so much when she passed away. It seems to me this year 2019 has been a rough one for many of our family and friends. We lost Lily early this year and so many have lost their beloved companions. We all feel their pain every time we see their pictures and hear their stories.. To everyone who has loved and lost their best friends, I wish you healing and peace.

A donation was made in Duncan's memory and the memorial was created on November 10, 2020.

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