Diesel- Stormies Last Gift

In the beginning of 2018, I had the dream of starting my own AQHA and APHA breeding business/farm. In March, I reached out to my dad who I knew had a double homozygous black tobiano mare(Stormie).He more than willingly gave Stormie to me. The end of March came around and I got Stormie checked at the vet for her health and to see if she could still produce a baby! All checked out well! During the next few months, I pondered who I wanted to breed her to. After much debate, I chose to breed her to a Blue Roan QH. She took, no problem the first time! Yay!!
Throughout Stormies pregnancy she did very well, besides one hoof abscess and some edema towards the end. She was extremely large at the end of her pregnancy. We all thought it was a girl!

On June 12th 2019 Stormie delivered a very big but healthy baby BOY! Stormie was acting her normal self and knew she just delivered us a gift! Diesel was out in the pasture running around kicking and bucking, oh what a beautiful site to see! Diesel and Stormie did great for a day, then everything went down hill. On June 14th we loaded both Stormie and Diesel in the trailer and headed for WSU Veterinary School a 3-4 hour drive away. Stormie had a retained placenta and we were well over 8 hours post birth. Upon arrival at WSU, we got Stormie the care she needed, the placenta removed and pain medicine on board. Stormie was completely toxic by the time we got to WSU. During Stormies stay at WSU, they tested Diesels IGG levels and they were extremely low. He went in for a plasma transfusion on the 14th. He did very well! Stormie was slowly starting to decline. Her pain medication had to be increased and she was no longer wanting to stand. On the 15th, I got the call, no animal owner wants to get, we needed to go back to WSU, to have Stormie put to sleep. We arrived at the hospital around 2:45 in the afternoon to say our goodbyes to Stormie. My mom and I said our goodbyes and were with Stormie when she took her last breath around 3:24pm. My heart was broken for her little guy. I knew I had to give Diesel all of my strength and power to get through this.

Diesels IGG test results after his transfusion came back that night and his levels were much higher! He was safe to come home. Diesel rode the whole way home alone, but so bravely.

My mom and I are now facing having an orphan foal at home and both of us with full time jobs. I fortunately was able to take the whole next week off to take care of Diesel. The first week of having him home I was up every two hours feeding him milk out of a bucket. By the second week, we were feeding every three hours. By the third week it was every 4 hours. So on and so forth.

When Diesel turned about 2 weeks old we decided to put him out In the pasture with Sammo(my 28yr old gelding). Sammo instantly took in Diesel like his own. He was so protective, caring and loving towards him. He would even let him nurse?. Diesel loved Uncle Mo. They spent every day and night together since then. Diesel was beginning to learn setting up, backing, side passing, and haunch turns during his few weeks with us. He was incredibly smart and oh so willing.

On July 25th, Diesel some how managed to get a really bad laceration injury to his right shoulder and side. We had Andrea Adams DVM out to evaluate and stitch. She did a very good job with Diesel. Gave him antibiotics and medication to clean his wounds. Diesel was a trooper for the next few days! On Sunday, Diesel just did not seem himself. He seemed tired and like he didn’t feel well. We talked with our vet, she suggested we give him some banamine for pain and to monitor his eating and drinking. He did better that night. I went to work Monday the 29th and thought, no call is good news. When I got home, my poor baby was miserable. He was laying in the yard, sweating, his shoulder was the size of a basketball, and he was not wanting to move. I knew, in this moment, my decision was made. I knew I needed to get my poor baby out of pain and discomfort. Although this was by far the hardest decision of my life, I chose to put Diesel to sleep.
Diesel was a bright eyed, loving boy who would give you hugs with his head. He was a firecracker and gave you his whole heart. I love you and miss you every second of everyday Diesel❤

I have wrote this story from my perspective but please know there were others who helped me through this whole process.

My mother and my grandfather who both put their time and effort into helping my precious baby boy.

Thank you for reading my story about my little guy.

Taylor Jaspersen
Touchet River Ranch

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