Dana was our sixth of 10 adoptions over a five year period. Like all our kitties, she was a shelter cat who had spent a long time (12 months) in a cage. She was a smaller, very neat tabby, always sort of prim and proper. Her tail was always neatly tucked around her rear legs when sitting down. When one of our other cats spit up or made some sort of mess, Dana would lay nearby and “point” out the unacceptable untidiness.

She was a playful kitty, and loved to go out in our large heavily landscaped backyard and try and catch the small lizards or white winged moths. She never killed a lizard, but was always trying to bring a trophy into the house and turn it loose. She also liked to bat plastic golf balls back at us when we rolled down the long hardwood hallway.

Unlike the other cats she liked to travel as long as she could sit on the pad on the center console in my crew cab F150 truck.

Dana developed kidney cancer, with small bulges (they felt rubbery) starting to show on each side. We had to let her go to be with the other nine kitties who preceded her – mostly in the past four years. While four of them were over 13 years old when we said goodbye, and two being over 21, she was just 12 years old. We miss all of them. We only have one left, Catalina, an old (maybe 18) three legged cat (lost cancer on her right thigh from rabies vaccine) who has diabetes, is mostly immobile, can’t see very well, and expects immediate room service when she calls. Cattie spends most of her limited waking hours watching one of her eight Cat Sitter type DVDs (Amazon) on her personal 37″ LCD TV. Dana never had any time for such things. She was too busy keeping an eye on her domain from a cat tower or tall bookcase.

A donation was made in Dana's memory and the memorial was created on April 19, 2017.

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