Dahlila came into our life when she was just 12 weeks old from a little box giveaway in Nehalem Oregon. She was the best pick of the litter no doubt. with colors of orange, gold, tan, and black. In her first year of living in a rural area, she explored getting into trouble like bringing home a beaver in her mouth and getting caught underneath metal beams in which the fire department had to come out to rescue her. After that, we always walked together on a leash. She moved to Coos Bay Oregon for a few years and then landed in Portland Oregon for the remainder of her years. We made matching costumes and entered in all of the contests and won 95% of the time. She won metals and prizes at singing contests at the doggie olympic games. She and her partner Gasco were selected by the Mayor of Tigard as the best married couple in the 4th of July parade. Dahlila took her talent further in her older life acting in the play “A Barrel Full of Pennies”. She became my best friend. When I cried, she cried, and when I felt happy, she felt happy. She loved her red basket with all the toys and thought nothing of dumping them all out on the floor and then watch me pick them up. She loved her squeakie toys. She loved visits from her cousin Macie. She loved hugs on the floor with papa and would wrap her legs around his shoulders and cuddle. Her favorite beach spot was Cannon Beach with her last trip being escorted in a little red wagon due to hip dysplasia. She loved her veternarians at Powell vet and always was a brave girl and never complained. With much sacrifice and commitment, I nurtured and walked her through life right to her last breath April 24,2017 at the age of 14 yrs 10 mos.
When she was 1 year old, I wrote this song about her because she always came upstairs to wake me to tell me that she needed to go outside. Since then I played it for her countless times.
“Dahlila wakes me in the morning with her little cry, she says momma let’s go outside. Outside there’s morning dew and birds in flight, after a long cool night. Dahlila listens with her ears and she watches with her nose, she’s got a gentle and playful pose. What’s she hears I can’t comprehend and what she sees I can’t smell, down this old rugged road. But she’s by my side in all that we do, she’s my best friend my guardian angel too, we talk to each other just like people do, Dahlila is my best friend. She’s got a way of looking with those big brown eyes, that will melt your heart away, she’s gentle, she’s loving, she’s sensitive, she’s my best friend everyday, Dahlila wakes me in the morning with her little cry, she says momma let’s go outside”. April Hutchens©2003.
Momma and Papa miss you with all our heart Dahlila! Thank you for the joy you gave! Remember we will see you in heaven!

A donation was made in Dahlila's memory and the memorial was created on May 19, 2017.

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