Our boy Clem came to us when my husband stumbled upon him at the local PetCo. He was up for adoption from a local cat adoption service. My hubby had no intention of getting a cat that day. At first, he just passed by, looking at him. But the sad-looking, sick-looking black and white kitten with the big green eyes kept drawing him back to the adoption table. We decided to take him, and we soon brought him back to health and a happy, loving home. That was 13 years ago. For most of Clem’s life, he enjoyed good health and all the good things an indoor-kitty life had to offer him. He had some behavior challenges, likely due to not being socialized early enough (he was a street kitty for a few months before we got him). He was extremely attached to us, and to our other cat, Jo, who took him under her wing. Clem slept on my husband’s pillow nearly every night, and was a snuggly love-bug of a guy. After our girl Jo passed in 2015, he seemed to grieve a lot. We got another kitty, and although he was sweet to her, their bond was not quite the same. Shortly after, we discovered he had IBS, which eventually developed into lymphoma. He had about a year and a half of not feeling so well, but we did our best to keep him comfortable with meds and diet. We felt very lucky to have great veterinary care from Dr. Ault at Powell Blvd. Veterinary Center. Clem’s passing was peaceful, thanks to Compassionate Care. We miss him terribly, but feel lucky to have had as much time with him as we did.

A donation was made in Clem's memory and the memorial was created on November 1, 2019.

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