Chopper was a dog who cared not only for people, but other animals. As a playful, energetic puppy he learned many things about obedience through training, love through his family, friends and other animals at play care. He was always sensitive towards people and their emotions and always tried to comfort in time of need. He obeyed without reservation and did not judge. He loved his dog sister, Scout even when she would run after him in the field and tackle him from behind taking a bunch of fur and his collar completely off. They became best buddies for almost eight years and now she is heartbroken.

He would give one hundred percent of himself physically and mentally even if it did mean being stepped on and dressed by a toddler. He had the patience of a saint especially when he wasn’t the center of attention and wait his turn. Chopper was there through a few stress debriefings in my job. He not only helped me, but he comforted everybody else in attendance while leaving his fur on everybody’s pant legs since he shed like a Lab. He barked to alert us of people coming to the house to protect us, but he always wagged his tail once he knew that everybody was safe.

Chopper was my first dog and I could have not asked for a better companion. My husband told me that at times I loved Chopper more than I loved him. Well, that was true. I will miss him with all of my heart. I hope that he is running free with all of the other dogs having a great time. Keep that goofy grin on your face!

A donation was made in Chopper's memory and the memorial was created on July 2, 2018.

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