Chloe Baker

Chloe came into our life one sad day when we were waiting at the veterinary office to pick up the ashes of our beloved dog. Our oldest son Jason was with us and while waiting he sat on the floor near a box of kittens. One kitten in particular came directly to Jason for some attention and Jason was so taken with the kitten that he adopted her that day naming her “Chloe”.

Chloe had been found in a tied bag with 2 other kittens by a farmer when checking his field. Maybe due to the fact that Chloe had a rough start in life she was feisty, talkative and very affectionate. She was a black and white “tuxedo kitty” with a milk mustache and fur that smelled wonderful. Jason was a student and she moved around with him adapting to new situations without problems. Although one day she decided that the young bull on the other side of the fence needed to be dealt with and if Jason hadn’t been quick to grab her Chloe was on her way to show the bull who was boss! Whenever Jason came to visit us at our house Chloe rode in the truck with him and she was used to staying the night at our house.
Approximately 13 years ago we lost Jason our wonderful older son. In the process of dealing with everything we decided that of course we would keep Chloe along with our dog and other cat. It took her a while before Chloe starting talking again, but once she got going there was no stopping her. She would definitely let us know when it was meal time, she always greeted us at the door along with the dog when we came home and if you sat on the couch you had a purring kitty on your lap in no time.

She watched many a movie with John snuggled next to him and wound around his right arm. During the latter years of Chloe’s life we recognized that she had thyroid disease and treated it with pills. Chloe was very good about taking her pill because she knew it would be followed by treats!

Many a time Chloe enjoyed lying on the top of the couch by the open window or on the velvet bedspread on our bed in the winter sun. The thyroid medication improved Chloe’s quality of life and it shows in one of my favorite pictures of her lying on her back with her toes curled in enjoying the winter sun.
Fortunately we had Chloe for about 15 years until age and the thyroid disease consequences took her from us. It is lovely that Chloe has been remembered by a gift to the OSU scholarship fund for veterinary students. There is a scholarship fund at Clackamas Community College in Jason’s name for horticulture students. And maybe one of these days our dog will figure out how to tell us it is dinner time now that Chloe is gone.

A donation was made in Chloe Baker's memory and the memorial was created on September 25, 2017.

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