My husband was driving to work and saw a sign that said free kittens. He was told the stray mother cat had her litter under an old chevy. He choose our adorable kitten and we thought the name Chevy was perfect. He spent his first night sleeping on my chest and that was his favorite place to be. After having Chevy for just 3 days we had a family reunion to attend clear across the state and we had no one to watch Chevy so we took him. From there on Chevy wouldn’t mind at all taking car rides. He didn’t go out of our fenced back yard for 2 years. He hung out with 2 neighbor Rottweilers on a daily basis. Chevy grew into a gentle giant! His top weight was 28 lbs and he wasn’t fat he was tall and big. If you put your finger on the side of his mouth he would chomp up and down it was adorable. Chevy also loved water. He loved to drink at the bathroom faucet. He would let the water pour off his head. He was personality plus. He was also a seeing eye cat to our dog who lost her eye sight. Chevy was family. We helped a ferile cat with 4 kittens and Chevy was accepting and treated with respect by all other cats. He loved to lay under the Christmas tree. This will be our 9 and 11 year old granddaughters first Christmas without him. Our son always put an envelope of food under the tree for Chevy. He always greeted us at the back door. His nickname was GoGo Boy! He was our faithful and loving family member for 18 years. We thank God for Chevy he was a very special blessing to our whole family. He has left special footprints on our hearts and we will never forget him.

A donation was made in Chevy's memory and the memorial was created on December 22, 2016.

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