Sweet Charlie was the most wonderful cat companion! He was born May 3, 2015 and left in a box in the parking lot of the Oregon Humane Society when he and his litter mates were one day old. He became our friend on July 5, 2015 and surely one of the best decisions for our family.
Charlie was with us for nearly thirteen years. I had always dreamed that Charlie would live into his twenties as I could not imagine my world without him. He was diagnosed with feline diabetes in February of 2015 which I knew was manageable but also may shorten his life.
The Broadway Veterinary Clinic was an outstanding partner in our care of Charlie’s diabetes. Dr. Swearingen and his staff educated me, showing me how to inject insulin, how to monitor his blood glucose levels and not to worry. It was so essential to have this team to care for Charlie.
Charlie was always there when we needed him. He knew when we were sad and was more attentive to us, cuddling that much more. Charlie also sensed when my arthritis would flare up and he would use his little body to add heat and weight upon my legs and soothe the pain in a way that no medication could. He kept us giggling with his playfulness and awed at his intelligence. One of our favorite times, and his too, was Christmas morning when we left all the wrappings and ribbons on the floor as we discovered how much fun he had diving in and out of the piles, then nesting into it all with intense purring. Charlie was also trained to sit and wait to be invited to receive his treats. So smart! He was certainly an true member of our family who loved and was loved deeply.
Charlie passed away on March 17, 2018, an extremely sad day for our family. Even as I sit here sixteen months later, I cannot hold back the tears. I held Charlie’s hand and stroked his ever-soft fur as he took his last breaths. Our friends at Broadway Veterinary Clinic could not have been more kind, compassionate and comforting to us, and we are ever grateful. I was assured that I was an excellent care-giver for Charlie and this is a compliment that resurfaces when those moments of sorrow arise. We are additionally honored by their generosity to the OSU Pet Memorial Program.
The joy that Charlie brought to our lives is immeasurable and he will never just be a memory but rather a part of our hearts and souls forever.
In my perfect image of heaven, we will be reunited and his melodic purring will forever sing for me

A donation was made in Charlie's memory and the memorial was created on July 22, 2019.

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