It’s hard to put into words how much this dog meant to me. He meant everything. I’ll start at the beginning. My son knew a family who had a puppy they couldn’t keep. He brought this puppy home and as soon as I saw this little beagle run across the living room floor, I fell in love with him. I took him home and our lives began together. He could be so cuddly and yet he could be so naughty. He chewed everything he could get his teeth on. If you told him “no” he would look at you and just keep chewing. As time went on he started to calm down some. He loved to play outside, play with his dog cousins, and go for rides. He would sit in my grandson’s car seat where he could see better. We got a lot of looks and smiles from people driving by. He became my best friend and companion. He had separation anxiety so if I had to leave him I got the biggest welcome home from him. Everyone around could hear him. I always felt safe and secure at night when he was laying on the couch next to me. He was my little tough guy ready to protect me no matter what. His nose was always on the ground and he would get road rash. Food was always a must at any time. I can’t tell everything that happened in the 12 years he was with me but they were awesome. One night I let him outside and he got in a fight with a racoon. When I pulled him around the corner on his cable they were wrapped up together and they looked like a ball of fur. They parted for a second and I was able to pull him inside. He was cut up and limping, I took him to the vet and he was basically OK only with infection in his leg. Soon after his leg didn’t heal and they found a tumor. He had cancer. I feel he got the best care at our vet’s office and the two cancer specialists hospitals. I did everything I could for him but five months later he died during the night with me laying next to him with my arm around him. I lost my little tough guy and a piece of my heart that night. I’ll never forget him.

A donation was made in Charlie's memory and the memorial was created on June 5, 2019.

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