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My wonderful dog, Gossip, Am/Can/International Champion Mi Jean’s Psst! Pass It On JH RATN TKN CGC, passed away on June 23, 2018, from osteosarcoma. She was almost 13 1/2 years old. Gossip enjoyed doing many things. She was a wonderful show dog, a great bird hunter and barn hunt dog, a trick dog, a canine good citizen, and a fabulous tracking dog. She had one litter of four beautiful puppies, and was an incredible mother. We kept one of her daughters, Vixen, and the two of them were very close and had many adventures together. Gossip loved to swim in the ocean and in rivers, wallow in mud, run in big fields and dog parks, hunt birds and rats, go for car rides, and fetch tennis balls. She had a great life and was very loved. I miss her terribly, but am thankful for the time we had together, and for the daughter who still shares my life. Gossip loved me with every fiber of her body, and she knew me better than any living soul. Such a profound loss. I am grateful to the vets who kept her healthy all her life until right after her 13th birthday, when they discovered her osteosarcoma. They kept her last months comfortable and happy, and she was able to take me on walks every night, even on her last evening on earth. Gossip barked at me every night at 8:40 until I would get the leash and go on a walk with her. Vixen is continuing the tradition in Gossip’s memory. Thank you to my friends who have donated to OSU’s Vet School in Gossip’s memory.