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Indiana Jones aka Indy Pindy

We rescued him in Ft Worth, Texas in 2011. He was 4 at the time, we were told. He was the most adorable dog I ever owned. I had big dogs that you would not call adorable. He loved everybody and everything. I always said if anyone ever broke into the house, he would run and get a toy to show off to them. He had over 75 of them, talk about over kill. We spoiled him and loved him terribly. He passed on Nov 29, 2022. We’re not too sure of his age but figure he was 14 1/2. We took him everywhere with us, he loved riding in the car. He just was the best little dog. RIP Indiana Jones, you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and Mommy doesn’t feel real keen about replacing you yet. It will be hard!


I lost my best friend on October 18, 2022.

It was shocking and unexpected though he had a cancer diagnosis. He was diagnosed with an insulinoma (cancer in his pancreas) in December 2020. He was given 6 months to a year to live but we caught it early and I learned how to care for him and we were able to prolong his life. He was doing great. We got back from a long weekend at the beach and on the early morning of October 18th he woke me up at 2 am and we went to the emergency vet because he wasn’t feeling good. I had never seen him like that before. My sister, Cindy, was with me at 3:30 am. We were rushed back to the table where Sam was laying. He had started to go, and we were able to get back to him just in time to say goodbye. He was in so much pain. The vet started to administer the euthanasia medication before I could even give the okay. Sam was gone. I dreaded this day. He had an obstruction in his abdomen and it wasn’t the cancer he passed from. This has to be the hardest part of it all. I had a plan for him and thought I knew what and how he was going to go. Maybe it was better this way because I could have never of let him go. Never. I didn’t go to the vet thinking I was going to walk out of there without him.

It is tough to type this and relive the details but after 3 + months it is time for me to honor him. I couldn’t bring myself to write this because it made it true. My breath still is taken away by the reality that he is gone. I still go on our walks and retrace the steps and memories we had together. There was so much more to him than the tragic and horrible end of his life but that is what replays in my head over and over. He is irreplaceable and has taken part of me with him. He was more than a pet; he was a best friend, companion, child and my furry love of my life. I write this for him and what an impact he had on my life for the last 13 years.

He was born on November 5, 2009. I was not expecting to get a dog but was the best decision I could have ever made. He was always by my side, and we did everything together. He loved the water and would swim, boat, and paddle board with me. He was with me through many ups and downs of life. He was the only constant and friend I could count on. So many moments we shared together with smiles and laughs. He had a huge personality and quirks. He loved blankets and finding a cozy spot, usually on my lap or near me. He loved laying in the sun or by the fireplace. He was very curious and had a puppy like personality and never showed his age. After moving to Bend, we walked every day. Walking through the neighborhood people would stop and want to know all about him and thought he was a puppy. He owned the house and he just let me live here, ha! I was the lucky one. He loved toys, balls, and bones. He had a keen sense of people, and he had an impact on many, not just me. I miss our bike rides together around the neighborhood. There is so much to say about him. I miss his kisses, him running up the stairs and looking back at me when he was ready for bed, waking up to him in the morning, the way he acted when he wanted a treat, loving and caring for him. He was spoiled.

When he passed, I know how much he was loved by the flowers and cards that I had from people who he impacted. He will be missed. I have my memories and so many pictures to remember and honor him.

Sam, you will never be forgotten. Always loved and forever in my heart. You were a gift, and I am so grateful to of shared life with you. I love you, always.


Ginger entered our lives as a 4 month old puppy. We immediately fell in love with her the moment we laid eyes on her and knew we would NOT be going home without her. She was a great dog and was very fondly attached to Brian, who was her person. We had the great honor of being her family for the last 14 years and she is so greatly missed. She was very strong-willed and full of fortitude, even up until her passing.


Baxter came into our lives in 2010. He was a rescue and he really rescued us. We had no idea what a rat terrier even looked like. We had lost our other fur baby 5 years prior to Baxter. They guessed him at about 2 years old. Well, best thing we ever did. His personality was amazing! He definitely let us know who was the boss. He adjusted well and before we knew it, he was teaching us a few things. He was all of 16 pounds, but thought he was the size of a German Shepherd. He loved being with us and going camping. Some day we will meet again. He will be waiting at the end of that rainbow bridge. Run free our sweet boy. You are missed very much. You are young again. “GET THOSE SQUIRRELS!!


Oliver came into the household’s life 12 years ago. He entered the family as the special little buddy of my sister, Michelann Ortloff and her wife Julie Cushing. I am Michelann’s brother and was living at her home. Ollie became my very special friend and I was his walkie buddy for much of his life. He was the sweetest little guy and a friend to everyone he met. He enjoyed runs on the beach, long trips and walkies, where he usually managed to get some mud on himself even on sunny days. He was happy and healthy until the very end and his passing was a sad event. My sister has passed and I am sure that he happily greeted her when he passed over the Bridge. Those of us that are still around miss Ollie every moment of the day and night. His special joy and sweet little face will always be with us. Thank you for the opportunity to create a memorial for him, one that will be shared to all of Ollie’s friends.

Vivian Abbott Walker

The sweetest baby. Her face says it all.
I will miss you forever.

Thank you Milner Clinic.


Mocha was my heart and she is gone much too soon. (7yrs old)


Duffy passed two days past his 16th birthday on March 20, 2020. He was a rascal and a much loved friend.


Gozer and his sister, Trixie were abandoned outside of a NE Portland grocery store where I worked, at the age of 8 weeks. They were filthy, flea-ridden, and covered in their own waste in a shabby plastic pet carrier. My girlfriend and I already had four cats, so I spent the last 30 minutes of my shift attempting to contact shelters to pick them up, to no avail. Lucky for me, I took them home on my bike, got them cleaned up, and they became the newest members of the cat-brood for over 15 years.
As our older cats passed away over the years, Gozer and Trixie remained through new apartments, partners, and life events. All of my cats were unique, loving personalities, and even though Gozer and Trixie imprinted me as their dad, I think they learned a lot about joy and affection from their wonderful uncles and mentors; Zippo, Thlayli(Faders), Grendel, and Pip.
Gozer was my boy; he loved to cuddle, and moreover he loved to lay on my chest with his forelegs on either side of my neck, mashing his drooling face into mine and purring loudly. He would affectionately press his face into my nose so hard I sometimes thought it would break. He loved laser-time, chasing frilly wands, and played like a kitten even into old age. Gozer didn’t meow so much as grunt, and he had a massive, lion-like nose that loved kisses. He loved food and naps, he loved licking my beard and the rare and forbidden flavor of human earwax. He was sweet, affectionate, goofy, and my best friend for over a third of my 46 year life. He was very handsome, and always a hit with the vets and techs. As his health waned in his last year, I made the painful but responsible decision to say goodbye, and we did so on a late November afternoon. He left warm and happy, belly full of treats and heart full of love, at home with his sister nearby and him on my lap, purring his last breathe before falling into the mystery beyond this perception.
I will never forget him, and he remains one of the great loves and joys in my life. He is survived by his equally wonderful & unique sister, Trixie, with whom he shares their striking blue eyes despite their coat variance.
“My heart has joined the Thousand, for my friend stopped running today.” -Watership Down, by Richard Adams.