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Our sweet, sensitive, empathetic, goofy, quirky, paw-hand-holding, pleasing Ruby has been by our side for the past 15.5 years since she was 8 weeks. Not a vacation spent without her, no car rides will ever be the same without my copilot. Our Ruby was truly one of a kind. The sweetest loving soul.


Lucy was full of life and eager to please. She was a perfectionist. She never wanted to do anything wrong. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. People would tell me she was the sweetest dog ever. Her favorite thing was to play water dog. She loved to chase the water hose or squirt guns or anything containing water. She didn’t like to swim. Sprinklers were good but no pools. She played with us for 12 years. We miss her very much.


Lacey was the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She didn’t have a mean bone in her body and only wanted to please. She was so polite and loving. I will truly miss her and she leaves a big hole in my heart.


Miley rescued our family in 2011. She was abandoned on the street by her previous owners. We welcomed her into our family with our 3 other dogs at the time. Miley was an AMAZING, loyal, gentle Border Collie. She loved to fetch, catch water as it sprayed from the hose or sprinkler, herd the kids during her younger years and follow me everywhere in the house. We miss her tremendously! She was a blessing to our family for 11 years.

Jackie Shulzhenko

Jackie, a happy golden retriever, lived with our family for 10 years. She loved people, FOOD (except celery:):)
We loved her very much and had a lot of fun together!


Tango was such a loving and sweet girl. We had the privilege of being her parents for 16 plus years. We miss her so much.


We rescued our Gracie girl 12 years ago. Every day she brought us love and joy. She met us at the top of the stairs when we arrived back home. She loved rides in the car, chasing tennis balls, catching snowballs, peanut butter and cheese, laying on the couch and sitting by the fire. She was the most loyal friend – she knew she was loved. We will miss her everyday!


Brigitte was the love of my life. Ever since the moment she entered our lives as a puppy, she brought us so much love and sass. She knew what she wanted and wouldn’t stop until she got it! When she wasn’t making demands, she was as sweet as molasses–a true lover girl. She lived a happy, spoiled, and long life, until finally succumbing to suspected brain cancer in May 2022. Brigitte will be forever loved and missed.


I got SnowB in 2010, she was rescued by the Rescue Train from a high kill shelter. I know everyone thinks their dog is the best dog ever… but she truly was. My mother took care of SnowB when I was at work… she would tell me when I got home, all Snow ever wants is to be rubbed! They loved each other so much. Mom and Snow are together again, that makes my heart lighter ❤️ Thank , you Lynn


Noah (NoahBear, Noni, NoniBear, etc.) came into my life over 15 years ago, having been dispatched to the Central Oregon Humane Society after he was found wandering alone near the Prineville Reservoir. I was very young and had no business taking on the not insignificant responsibility of raising a border collie, but we made it somehow, my Bear and me. It didn’t hurt that he was so easy to love — uncommonly gentle, patient, and tender. Those who knew him, loved him. Caring for Noah in his twilight years as he slowly succumbed to cancer, though heart-wrenching, was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Noah taught me how to love unconditionally, as he did so effortlessly. He passed peacefully in our home May 23rd, 2022 with love and light surrounding him.