Our beloved Caravel “Cara” came to us as a rescue foster puppy, a week after losing our Schooner. She soon became our ‘under dog’, cuddling in the bed with us, warming and forever altering our hearts in the most unimaginable ways. She loved to listen and learn words, tilting her head and taking action! She adored being needed, whether doing tricks or bringing my hubby to me by gently pulling his thumb until she won his attention. Cara knew every toy by name, remembered every loving human friend and until the last few months, performed ‘special circle’ basketball moves to outwit her canine competitors on the field. We adopted her sister, Sophie, several years after Cara and together they were thick as thieves, practically outrunning the birds ( and most dogs). They ran like the wind at the beach, through tall grasses, creeks and fields. Five years ago, Sophie suffered a sever shoulder injury which cost her the loss of her left front leg, and Cara knew after, that play time would have to be different and adjusted, intuitively. Three years later when Cara became ill with thyroid cancer it was difficult for Sophie to remain calm as she witnessed Cara undergoing treatments/surgery. Therefore, we wish to especially acknowledge Dr. Beth Nguyen, from Woodburn Pet hospital, who kept our girls happy and healthy, subsequently guiding us to the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine. They worked cooperatively to provide us almost three extra years with our girls being together. Last month, when Cara’s condition worsened and the time came to say goodbye, Dr. Beth allowed Sophie to accompany us in those final moments. It was an exception we were not expecting, which helped Sophie so much in her understanding of what was taking place. Cara was nearly 13, and so, we have all those years to celebrate how much we loved one another. Sophie is back to her silly self, once more…swimming in the pond, getting love from the neighborhood children, and laying by our side as we remember our Cara and tell all of her stories.

A donation was made in Cara's memory and the memorial was created on July 26, 2021.

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