Buster was a uniquely single-minded dog. Chasing a ball of any kind would be his choice of activity day and night…except for woofing down a biscuit. He loved playing and if I was busy, then he would be on my heel just waiting for an opportunity to engage me in throwing the ball for him. In fact, if you weren’t careful, he would toss the ball at your feet, just to see if you would pick it up! He was loyal to a fault. If I left the house, he wouldn’t wait inside with Sassy, his mate, he would be on a bed, I finally put in the garage for him to lay on. He loved to go in the car and for walks, although our move from Roseburg and two acres to a small yard in Portland was probably contrary to his desire to run and run. He was protective and vocal, like a typical terrier. I’ve had other dogs who lived long, good lives. Buster’s euthanasia was the hardest one to do. He struggled to stay with me…he just just didn’t want to go. His kidney failure was impacting his quality of life and I didn’t have the heart to watch him fade from the energetic, lively companion he always had been. The signs were already there.

Buster brought laughter and fun, and filled an empty place in my heart. He was whelped on November 4, 2009, and was only seven and a half; he didn’t quite make it the ten years that is average for a Jack Russell. But, the years we had were good years and is his sorely missed by me, my husband and Sassy. His registered American Kennel name is Cook’s Buster Boy.

Til’ we meet again good dog.

A donation was made in Buster's memory and the memorial was created on May 25, 2017.

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