We got Bunny from Boxer Rescue LA in April of 2016. We had been looking for a gentle friend for our 10 year old, little, blind dog Daisy and the rescue picked Bunny. He had just arrived there the day before from a shelter in Barstow. He was about a year old. He was immediately in our laps. When we got home, he and Daisy cuddled together on the couch. One of the first things he did was run through both of our screen doors. We never replaced the screens. We probably never will. He was so good with Daisy and she felt totally comfortable with him. Unfortunately, we had to put Daisy down a month after we got Bunny, but we got him another friend from Boxer Rescue LA, Nubby, and the two of them became best friends.

Bunny was the sweetest, most gentle guy. He would prance when he was happy and curl up sideways when he was excited, leading to the nickname “Curly Man.” He loved walks, he loved cuddling, he loved wrestling with his sister, he loved licking peoples’ faces and he loved killing small things like lizards. He really loved killing lizards.

Bunny did not have a long life, but he had a good one. He got to sleep in a people bed with his family and got lots of hugs and kisses every day. He was loved by everyone, especially by Nubby. He has left a Bunny-shaped hole in our hearts.

A donation was made in Bunny's memory and the memorial was created on July 30, 2019.

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