Bunny Foo Foo

Losing Bunny Foo, after being his guardian, caretaker and advocate for the past 6 years, was like losing part of my identity.
He was a tiny 2# bundle of joy, love and energy but he needed a lot to be his best self . I tried to give him the life that he deserved. Despite chronic infection in his mouth , gut issues and skin infections he continued to thrive for 6 years in my care on twice daily syringe feedings and an ever- increasing number of oral and topical medications.

Every now and again a lovely and well- intended friend or family member would gently suggest to me that it might be time to “let him go.” My answer was always no. Not yet. Until a week ago Saturday when the Chylothorax that he had been diagnosed with in September struck with a vengeance. We had thought that he was doing well and were not expecting to have to remove any more lymphatic fluid from his chest based on the way that he had been trending, but Foo became terribly sick late at night on Friday the 19th, and I knew in my heart that his time had come.

About 2 and a half years into my journey with Foo Foo I had become very discouraged. I remember telling our vet, Dr. Weinstein at the time, that I felt like it was just going to be “one problem after another” with Bunny Foo. Dr. Weinstein told me that I was 100% correct. But he said to us “Life is very precious. As long as you have more good days than bad, you just keep going.”

This advice was invaluable to me. We lived by these words. And it was easy. Because with Foo Foo, other than the handful of times that he got really really sick, EVERY day was a GREAT day! He adored life, everything about it and everyone in it. He needed a lot, but he gave back a hundred times what he took. Everyone who interacted with him understood that this rabbit was a truly remarkable being. They felt his life force which was enormous. Friends, family members, vets and vet techs alike fell under his spell. He had everyone on his side.

All animals have their own missions to live out during their time here with us on the planet. Animals with special needs are no exception. It may take a lot more resources to provide a quality life to a bunny like Foo Foo, but this is what he deserved. All animals deserve to get the resources they need in order to feel the best that they can and to be the best that they can be.

It is my hope to continue to help special needs bunnies get the lives that they deserve and to continue to help find funding for these fragile creatures who have so much love to give us.

A donation was made in Bunny Foo Foo's memory and the memorial was created on March 12, 2018.

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