Brody Henry

Our amazing cat Brody was a friend, our watch “dog”, babysitter, and a amazing therapy cat for my anxiety and panic attacks. Our kids James said “he was “a very good pet.” Emily said “he was the best pet EVER”! He would stay with my son after a seizure and snuggle with my daughter when she wasn’t feeling good or when he wanted her to pick at him. He would sit for hours in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror. We originally got him for our dog who was left at home was having separation anxiety. When we gave him to her is was love as first sight. She was completely content with having him as her baby to care for. Brody would go hunting in the neighborhood for random items and drag them home (glove, bank receipt, bicycle tubes, pinecones) he played fetch with balls, beer caps and hot wheels cars. Brody would walk with me to the bus stop and wait for his kids to come home from school. He was a very proud, vain, protective, and a sweetheart.

Unfortunately the vet clinic we took him to to help us put him to sleep after a long wonderful 16 years had got his name wrong. They thought his name was Murphy but it is Brody. You could say his name around friends and family and they had a story about him.
There is so much he has brought to our lives. It was the hardest thing as a parent I have ever had to do. Telling my kids he needed to go to heaven, and that their best friend was holding on because he too didn’t want to leave them too. Brody will forever be in our hearts and thoughts.

A donation was made in Brody Henry's memory and the memorial was created on June 8, 2018.

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