10 years ago we got our 1st Boston Terrier whom we named Brindi. From the 1st night we had her we knew she was so very happy to be with us. She never whimpered or cried being away from the lady we got her from. I like to make the analogy that we went to Sees Candies and purchased a box of chocolates under the Nuts and Chews section, got them home and found out they were Truffles and Mints. Well, so be it and we went from there. Brindi was a unique dog, she by no choice of hers had seizures starting at 2-3 years old, diagnosis epilepsy, anxiety separation issues, cancer removal when she was approximately 6 yrs old, then 6 months before we had to “put her down” diagnosed with Cushing Disease. The tumor on her pituitary gland had grown which caused neurological issues, and then un-benounced to us her cancer had come back and she had a mass in her lower abdominal area diagnosed by Dr. John Elliott at SunStone Veterinary Specialists (whom were the absolute BEST). The last 2-3 weeks of Brindi’s Life were not good, but Brindi just yearned to be with us. Brindi was that SPECIAL HEART Dog to me and there hasn’t been a day sine 7-8-19, when we put her down, that I haven’t thought about her. Brindi loved life, was a happy dog, loved walks, chasing balls, tug a war and being with me. I know Brindi is in a better place without pain and I have her ashes in my office along with a picture. Brindi was a lot of work, made my wife and I change our lives to accommodate her issues, but the love she gave back to us, especially myself, was worth the adjustment. I will always cherish the times we spent together, the genuine joy and love she conveyed. The moments and memories will be everlasting that we shared with Brindi and she will always hold that SPECIAL place in my heart.

A donation was made in Brindi's memory and the memorial was created on August 8, 2019.

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