Boog started a as cute, tiny little fuzzy kitten, part of a litter of 7. He was one of 2 that I kept from the litter. Wearing a handsome tuxedo, with a little white booger on his nose, and white whiskers, he was absolutely irresistible. He grew fast and to quite a large, handsome fellow in a short period of time.(probably 16lbs) He was always a bit of scaredy cat, not liking strangers, loud noises, etc. Perhaps some of that can be attributed to exposure early on to the neighbor kids in our apartment complex when let outside for short periods of time. Maybe he was sensitive to environmental stimuli, not sure. Although, when we moved to a house and he and his sibling established themselves in the neighborhood, he really flourished. He was such a loving, loud purring, cuddle buddy. He always brought about a calm and comfort after a work day, or any other rough day. His warmth and purring could bring about immediate calm to me and often send me into a peaceful slumber if I was lying down. His overall nature was not outgoing or playful, rather more shy and elusive, especially after another move which changed his lifestyle and he became an indoor cat. I didn’t notice he was suffering from Lymphoma until it was beyond treatable due to his rather mellow behavior in general. I knew in my heart well before all tests confirmed what I already knew deep down. Milner Vet Hospital was a wonderful partner in helping to discover his ailments, and what would be best for him given his diagnosis. He is dearly missed, but has a special spot, a memorial here on our property where I can visit, remember, and check in from time to time.

A donation was made in Booger's memory and the memorial was created on January 22, 2019.

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