We found Bobbie on our front porch several years ago. He had a nasty wound across his nose and was scared, thin and starved, flee-bitten and wormy. I fed him that first morning, and after a few months, and some TLC, he was healthy and settled in as a dear member of our family. He was an excellent, affectionate and handsome kitty. He followed me around like a regular little disciple. He slept with us nightly and was a good alarm clock, with a remarkable understanding of time. He twitched his clever bob-tail when he was thinking. He occupied laps whenever one was available. He shared naps. He liked to play in the water. He never understood what a litter box was, but he was always polite about letting us know when it was time to go outside. He brought us mouse-gifts, including a few live ones.

We never knew how old Bobbie was, but we thought he might be middle-aged. So, I believe he died much too soon. I’d hoped to keep him another ten years. He was all the kitty one could wish for.

We miss Bobbie very much.

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A donation was made in Bobbie's memory and the memorial was created on June 8, 2018.

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Messages From Friends and Family

Bobbie was our little neighbor across the street. He liked to come over and visit, eliciting much excitement from our three cats. I always had to tell him that we loved him, but it wouldn't be so friendly if he came in the door. We really miss seeing him on the fence by his driveway, surveying his territory from on high. A very special little guy--Bobbie.

~Memory shared by Patricia.

Bob had all the attributes one could hope for in a family cat. He is missed.

~Memory shared by Douglas.

Dear Bobbie, I keep looking out the front door, hoping to see you sitting out there.

~Memory shared by Kathryn.