Bentley, a.k.a. Luis started out as an approximately two year old feral cat that had been severely injured and left to die. He went through multiple surgeries and spent a great deal of time in the hospital. I first saw him in March of 2007 on TV when Jan from C.A.T.S. in Medford brought him in to tell his story. She asked for a quiet foster home for him to recover in before he could be adopted out. I had never fostered before, but something told me that he needed me and I needed him. I had two mild mannered older cats at home that would be accepting of a foster brother, so I took him in. The vet told me that he would most likely not have full use of his left front leg due to the severe damage to his shoulder area. He was on medication, and had frequent trips to the vet, but he was so good about all of it. I would gently massage his leg and shoulder daily because I didn’t want to see him not be able to use his leg. He already had a hip injury from his earlier life that had never been treated or healed properly, but he was still able to walk and jump. Approximately three weeks into his recovery with me, he went downhill overnight. I rushed him to his doctor where he spent another three days in the hospital with a deadly blood issue that required transfusions, resulting in the doctor saving his life a second time. He returned to me for a month to continue his recovery. When he was finally released to be adopted ….. I couldn’t let him go, so I adopted him myself. I had absolutely fallen in love with him, and my two other fur baby boys had grown so fond of him as well. I changed his name to “Bentley.” Bentley was the most amazing fur baby. His love and affection helped me through the passing of my two other fur boys Turbo and BeBe. But the most amazing thing he did for me was be there for me through my year of battling breast cancer in 2017. He knew when I was sick and hurting and he constantly found ways to comfort me. He had been so healthy, full of energy and fun for 12 years. It has been so difficult to handle him passing away two months after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. My little guy had been through so much in his life, and was such a fighter. I will never forget how much love and enjoyment he brought to me, and others. I miss him so much, and am so grateful to have had in my life.

A donation was made in Bentley's memory and the memorial was created on November 20, 2019.

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