Barker, AKA Barkette, AKA Barkles, AKA Bobbie Barker, AKA Little Dog.

Your quirky loving ways and those adorable soft Corgi “bat ears” are missed so very much. You are in our hearts forever and you will never be forgotten.

We will be eternally grateful that you chose us as your forever home when you arrived as a stray 13 years ago. It took two months of occasional visits from you before you would let us put your new collar on and call you ours, but you had already captured our hearts by trotting next to me while I mowed the lawn, following “Dad” around the shop and farm, greeting new arrivals, and chasing a tennis ball anytime. It was with a worried heart that I took you into the vets to be scanned for a chip and evaluated, afraid to discover that you might belong to someone else and just be in need of a ride home somewhere. Thankfully
he found none, and estimated your age at about 9-12 months old and in good health. When we returned home we canvassed the area knocking on doors to determine if anyone knew anything of you, but the mystery of where you came from will remained a mystery always.

You were a faithful loving companion and friend to your canine sister Josie and all of our human family, but remained guardedly picky about letting others into your favored circle. Baths were never a favored activity for you; with infinite and amazing ability you were able to read the subtlest of unspoken body language and second guess when bath day had arrived and quietly wedge yourself behind the couch in just such a way that you were untouchable. Neither treats nor cajoling would lure you out, so we’d just save the wet work for another time. It proved to me how smart you were and I always respected you for it.

Once you learned the ropes of hitting the highway in the motorhome, claiming your personal spot on the couch closest to Dad (and the road snacks) you never looked back. Though you never gained an appreciated for barking at cows out the window in the same way as your sister Josie did, you at least joined in on the fun by barking at Josie instead. So many wonderful and funny memories you have left us in what will always seem too short of a time.

In your next life Barker if ever you are in need of a home again the porch light will always be on and the door open for you.

Eternal gratefulness and thanks to Woodburn Pet Hospital for their generous donation in your memory, and wonderful care through two orthopedic surgeries and end of life support. A special thank you to Dr. Beth for easing you gently and lovingly into your next life when this one became too much to bear.

A donation was made in Barker's memory and the memorial was created on August 28, 2017.

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