Bailey is the best dog I’ve ever had! She was so sweet, gentle, loving, and nice. She was always there for me in hard times and nothing let her spirit down. She was so happy and fun. She was my best friend and it is so hard to let her go. She’s out of her pain, though. We miss her a lot and always think of her. Its been hard and different not having her here. Everyone thinks she’s still here then remembers she’s not. She was the closest, best and most trust worthy dog I’ve ever had. I have some many more things I’d like to say to her. She helped me through my parent’s divorce.
When I was there with my grandpa to put her down I was crying and it was so hard. Gosh I’m starting to cry! I petted her through it all and just told her she was a good girl. I gave her one last hug before we left her lifeless body. This will be our first summer without her… I miss her so much! If I ever get another dog or my grandparents no dog and compare to her. They even say that Bay (Bailey) was the best dog by far. I’m only ten and in fifth grade but I want her to be with me so bad! There was always a dog at my side but well…I love her so much! She loved me the best and whined and whined when I came over. She would pace and mope around till I came. She was so happy.
Thanks to the kind vet who put her down she had a peaceful death. I love you Bailey so, so much and I’m glad that I can have her ashes with me. (Alivya grandchild of Jeff and was Bay’s best friend. I’ll love her till the end of my life and for eternity)

A donation was made in Bailey's memory and the memorial was created on May 30, 2017.

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