First and foremost we miss Archie and loved him very much. Archie was a good boy and loved car rides and lots of camping. Archie was left at a vet appointment after his owner of 14 years didn’t want him anymore. Archie was going to be Euthanized by the end of the week if they could not find a home for him. Luckily my mother was at the vet with her pet that day and volunteered to take him home. I got a call in the middle of work from my sister saying, “I know you don’t like dogs but you just have to see this dog’s face I promise you’ll fall in love.” I was not happy whatsoever (cat person). All I can say is I fell in love and me and Archie were inseparable. We ate together, slept together, worked together it was a great time. I miss him so much and the fun times we had together. Archie spent the last 4 months of his life having the best time ever. He was very special and high maintenance he knew he was a Pomeranian and would not settle for less. Archie was very expressive he didn’t like to feel left out and if he did that never settled well with him. If you went to the bathroom without him oh no he would tell you how it is! And don’t you dare brush his fur he could take a lot but brushes no way! We miss our good boy but he’s in dog heaven eating scrambled eggs (with salt please). He refused to eat anything plain and hated that his parents were strict on the no human food rule. But I know he loved his human and we love him so much. Archie we miss you and there won’t be another dog like you, you were so special in many ways buddy.

A donation was made in Archie's memory and the memorial was created on February 6, 2019.

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