“April’s story”
April was born out of incest & wed-lock. She was the first of 8 to come out of her mother Kaya and her father/uncle (funcale) Zues who she resembled a lot but in a smaller form. But one appearance thing that stood out the most about her was her markings, she had a white heart on the back of her neck with the rest of her being mostly black. At first she lived on the property of a automotive fabrication shop in the back houses with her Daddy. After a few years, the fabrication shop turned into more of a flop house, mostly because April’s biological parents moved away so April and her Daddy moved to the Masters Microbus. Which wasn’t so bad. Wherever Daddy went she went and socialization was plentiful. She was able to sleep right next to Daddy and keep him warm in the back of that bus. We’d park here and there, learned who our real friends were pretty quickly. We were our best friends, camping every night, spending 24/7 with Daddy. Then our big break. We found a place to call home. Only the two of us with a fenced yard and plenty of critters to chase down. With a city park right next door, that meant daily and nightly walks regardless of what the weather was like, since Daddy was always getting her fancy outfits. She looked good in everything from a pink tutu to one of her winter coats.

April enjoyed playing with little kids, their parents maybe not so much. It probably didn’t help so much when I’d tell the kid to say awwwww and at the same time April would stick her tongue as far down into the child’s mouth as she could! But I knew in my heart that the kids were safe. Your cats, well not so much. April’s favorite food was pizza. She was well known for stealing it off the counter. Pizza & peanut butter were her last meal. April now lives out in Yamhill County on my folks property with plenty of Critters to Chase around.

I remember some people told me that April helped them to get over their fears of certain dog breed types. She was not just a therapy dog but she was also my first, companion, a friend, a protector, and occasionally Troublemaker. She will be constantly missed always thought of and never forgotten!

07/13/05 – 03/22/19

A donation was made in April's memory and the memorial was created on April 2, 2019.

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