Andy (FC Von Duffin’s Shock and Awe)

A close friend owns a heavily field titled solid liver, German Shorthaired Pointer simply named “Andy Brown”. I’ve always thought a lot of “Andy Brown”. Then one day the Duffins sent me a black and white Wirehair, named Von Duffin’s Shock And Awe, call named “Andy” for puppy development. This gangly pup didn’t show me much at first, it was all he could do to keep his legs under him and he didn’t show the run and class of my friend’s dog. But Andy progressed continuously. He always loved his birds and he started pointing with style and intensity. As he grew into himself he became a power runner. With a little age he started putting on range. And then at about 16 months he started putting his experience, desire and run together to become an intelligent hunter. As “Andy” started impressing me more and more, I changed his call name to reflect the reverence and respect I hold for old “Andy Brown”. Von Duffin’s Shock And Awe, previously known only as “Andy” became “Andy Black”!

Andy Black proved to be a hard luck dog. He never got his puppy points due to his not growing into himself by the time he was out of puppy age. Then in Derby stakes he started knocking them dead, but he ran so big and held point so short that no judges could ever be sure they saw him on point. As the handler, I saw him establish adequately Derby points and have especially commendable running performances on several occasions, and know in my heart that is was the best dog in the stakes, however, the judges have to see it and they didn’t.

Andy Black’s run and hunting pattern were developed in the open high desert country and rolling hill grass lands of the west coast. He never saw tree lines and we didn’t know what he would do or how he would handle the tree lined confined fields at the GWP Nationals held in Ionia, Michigan. Andy Black first ran in the Derby Classic. His first ten minutes of this thirty-minute stake was impressive in exuberance but not application. Then he put it together. The last twenty minutes he looked as if he’d grown up hunting tree lines. He won the stake.

Then came the 2004 Field Futurity. Andy Black took to the tree lines on the break away and never left them. He ran a Shooting Dog range and handled like he was on a string. When the stake was over there was no doubt he was the winner. One of the judges commented that he handled the course like a dog with five years of age and experience. And to make the field futurity win even more special this year was the fact that Andy’s grandsire was the dog featured on the beautiful award, DC Jed’s Silent Polar Express.

“Andy Black” has grown to be much a man. He is hard as a rock, loves to road and run, has a great work ethic and points his birds with style and intensity. He listens and handles and has thus far proven to be very biddable and trainable. His coat is perfect; harsh, flat lying and wiry. His skull coat is short and his eyebrows, beard and whiskers are properly harsh and protective (as opposed to too long, soft, wispy and open like too many of our dogs).

Don’t look for “Andy Black” in the Top Ten, he earned his Derby points and won’t be seen another Derby stake. But look out for Mr. Black next year in broke dog stakes. He’s proven he can run with the best of any breed and I’m sure he will for a number of years to come.

This was written by Randy Berry, who has done and continues to do the most wonderful job of training for us. A HUGE THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS! We also wish to thank Ed and Barb Tucker for breeding this wonderful dog and letting us have him.

Terry and Ann

A donation was made in Andy (FC Von Duffin’s Shock and Awe)'s memory and the memorial was created on February 1, 2018.

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